You’ve got to choose

1.2. You’ve got to choose… so, on which side would you like to stay?

Some humans stubbornly continue to pursue the battle to build something good, commit themselves, keep themselves busy. Others do not care, others, even worse, destroy. Which category you want to join?

Anyone who enlists in the first category shall enter into an elite, an immortal army to which thousands of unknown people belonged, people who have worked in the dark and in silence for a noble cause, but also persons who have become famous, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and who knows how many others. Whether you are part of known or unknown, of famous or forgotten, your struggle will always have sense.

I really think that Leonardo a Vinci does not care, right now, about being famous. He’s dead. But I think he cared to know, while he was alive, he was working on something. Something important. Something that could change the world.


Copyright Dr. Daniele Trevisani

Autore: Fabio Trevisani

Sono Fabio Trevisani, laureato in Scienze Motorie all'università di Padova e formato con un percorso di Coaching e Counseling presso UP STEP. Mi occupo di attività motoria e tutoring per ragazzi con disabilità intellettivo-relazionale e cognitivo-motoria. Sono un allenatore di calcio, preparatore atletico e personal trainer per attività motoria preventiva e compensativa. Seguo squadre agonistiche in varie discipline come preparatore atletico.