Latin Training System

Since we are born we are fully involved in a journey called life. We run, whether we like it or not, whether we like or not the stopping areas and landscapes we encounter. I want to talk about this great opportunity which involves making a good trip, and leave a positive mark in this world at the end of your trip. I want to talk energy you need to make this journey. Some humans stubbornly continue to pursue the battle to build something good, others do not care, others destroy. Which category you want to join? Anyone who enlists in the first category became part of an army which belonged to the immortal Leonardo da Vinci, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and who knows how many other, often unknown, often forgotten. It does not matter. There is a special type of self-honor, an honor that comes from within and not need any external recognition. Being a part of those who study, and struggle to change the world or themselves, is a mean to achieve that honor. Anyone who enlists has already won at the start. He won against apathy. But he has already lost, because the challenges are sometimes so large and bigger than us, so big that it seems pointless to try. Ridding the world of poverty, hunger and misery? Make a every human being happy? Knowing the real nature of life and the universe? Utopias, some say. Challenges, say others. There is heroism around. There’s always been. It is found in anyone’s life will not settle for mediocrity. The spirit of research, the desire to understand, the desire to challenge, to change things for the better. All battles are worth fighting. The obsession for “goals” to be “achieved” instantly and rapidly, “become reach fast”, and other goals for idiots, is the product of materialist cultures. Humanistic cultures such as the Ancient Latin culture understood that being rich is not only a matter of material possession but of spiritual freedom and research into the unknown, merging of personal life into a higher flow of energy. Latins also understood that bringing a part, a small part of a solution, to a large problem of mankind, is better than solve an apparently huge problem that involves only a few people. They thought in terms of well-being first. They studied the power of words and communication in Rethoric. They studied Arts, cultivated the Beauty in every aspect of life. They obtained most goals through Strategy and maintained Strenght as last option. Machiavelli is an example of the first “strategic counselor”, the Roman Empire – largest empire in the western world – was created mainly by persuasion and keeping fights only as last chance. They introduced modern concepts that can be found today in life-work balance, unveiled the power of relaxation (the Spa originated into Roman culture). They cultivated the body as a temple of the soul: “mens sana in corpore sano” (a free mind in a healty body) is probably the most common “phrase” originated in Latin culture, still used in common language. The Greek culture, that is a part of the Greco-Latin culture, was a humanistic culture that also accepted to fight against any enemy, poets where also fighters, and did not fear to die. Spartans and the Coloseum are still nowadays the very expression of fight spirit. This is the Latin Training System. Copyright by Dr. Daniele Trevisani, Studio Trevisani Human Performance & Communication Research, originator of Latin Training System (TM)

Autore: Fabio Trevisani

Sono Fabio Trevisani, laureato in Scienze Motorie all'università di Padova e formato con un percorso di Coaching e Counseling presso UP STEP. Mi occupo di attività motoria e tutoring per ragazzi con disabilità intellettivo-relazionale e cognitivo-motoria. Sono un allenatore di calcio, preparatore atletico e personal trainer per attività motoria preventiva e compensativa. Seguo squadre agonistiche in varie discipline come preparatore atletico.