The Book “Change Directors” by Daniele Trevisani, has been published in Russian (Akvilon Publishing)

The Book “Change Directors” by Daniele Trevisani, has been published in Russian (Akvilon Publishing)

Book "Change Directors" by Daniele Trevisani, Russian Edition by Akvilon, Kiev

Interview to Daniele Trevisani, author:

I felt it was important to give a personal contribution to Russian Speaking countries, in terms of a different approach to Business Management, Human Resources, Training Methods and Change Management.

I realized it was the right moment for Russian-Speaking Managers to have the occasion to read something different. Many European managers stard to be tired of US “fast and easy” management style, and wish to have something more rooted in the European tradition. This book fills a gap, showing management tools from a “Latin” cultural source.

There is a problem that I call “Gatekeeping”. Only a fews books pass the “gate” of translation. Usually, those books are the US best-sellers, and being best-seller does not always equal being best-thinkers. Many bestsellers use “fast a easy rules”… For this reason, only “fast and easy” memes (ideas) spread, are able to emerge, and this is a cancer for the world management community.

Managers need to think a lot, not less. Managers need no fast rules. Managers need wisdom, sincerity, maieutic approaches. Latin and Greek ancient rules are much better than Fast and Easy management manuals. I call these authors “Sellers of Easiness”, and I personally and professionally deprecate them.

The real US culture is deep and rarely gests the occasion to enter the best-selling books, rather, best-selling books are full of “easy and nice” rapid rules, those rapid and smart rules that create global economic catastrophes. My Latin Management Approach comes from the same roots of leadership models used in the Roman Empire Army, and from the thinkstyle of Leonardo da Vinci. Not from some 20 years old business guru that made easy money.

I hope that this book, full of suggestions and techniques about a Latin and European view on change management, can bring new approaches to Leadership Models, Organizational Grwth, and help all Russian Speaking Managers to use Latin wisdom, ancient tools that can help a lot.

My contribution in mainly from the point of view of an international management trainer and Human Potential researcher, but it is an interesting observational point of view. Sometimes a mountain to see things from above. I hope this book will help everybody in Russia, Ukraine, and any other Russian Speaking Region, to see new concepts that were not under our attention before, and to help managers and politicians to get a much higher focusing, train managers with new methods,  promote growth and development.

Feel free to write me at the address in for any comment about the book, I will appreciate.

Daniele Trevisani, Studio Trevisani Human Potential & Communication Research,

Autore: Fabio Trevisani

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